Sparking Conversations and Bridging Understanding- Nicole Biscotti’s P3

Nicole has a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish from the University of Florida and a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix. She is currently a Spanish Teacher and World Languages Department Chair in a public high school. She is a certified translator and interpreter, as well. Nicole is writing a book with her 9 year old son about ADHD that is being published by EduMatch®. Nicole is proud to be an educator and believes that everyone should have access to a quality education that connects them with their purpose. She seeks to bridge understanding, spark conversations, and inspire through her writing.

Nicole loves to write. Her son, Jason, has had a lot of negative experiences at school with teachers and peers as a result of his ADHD. She encouraged him to journal about his experiences as a tool to work through it. “Then, at some point, I realized that we were really linking a narrative together and it had become more of a story.” Nicole is able to see this issue from the perspective of a professional educator and parent. She has seen both personally and professionally how children struggle to be understood and how adults are often at a loss with how to handle the difficult behaviours associated with ADHD. Nicole believes that by sharing her and her son’s story, along with researched-based strategies, she can bridge understanding for kids who desperately need our support. “It comes down to a conversation and empowering the child to share.” She shares a lot of tools in the book and the research behind them. “I hope that the one thing people take away from my work is that this is a collaboration between the educator, the parents and the student.”

Nicole was unsure about finding and choosing her songs for her guest appearance on The Personal Playlist Podcast. This process caused her to reflect a lot about herself, and Nicole referred to the categories for the three songs as very powerful.

Nicole’s nostalgic song reminds her of her mother. Some of her earliest memories of her mother was of her playing and singing disco music. This song sounded a bit different when Nicole said it as a child, singing it through her hairbrush microphone. This song is reflective of her mother, and our guest shares that she was a strong role model and a survivor who triumphed over her struggles. She loves this famous women’s empowerment anthem noting, “There have literally been times in my life where I’ve played this song, and it’s given me strength.” Here is Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive:

Nicole’s identity song reflects many aspects of her life. The essence of this song and the key takeaway for our guest is that, as she said it’s all about love. “When I write from love, when I teach from love, when I parent from love...that’s where the power’s at.” Nicole is a fan of this artist who found her beautifully talented. She also really identified with the video for this song when the songstress sings to her younger self. This, for her, connects to self acceptance and to the writing process, because she is putting herself out there and finding the courage within herself to speak her truth. Additionally, it connects her to her profession. “My whole life’s work is about supporting children and help them finding out who they are.” This song says so much about so many parts of Nicole. Here is The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston:

Nicole’s motivational song is one that always makes her happy and brings her back to her 20’s. “I’m part Puerto Rican, and I can’t hear salsa without feeling happy.” Salsa is a huge part of her family background. Her grandparents met as mambo dancers. She spoke of her cousin, Stephen, playing his music before he passed away, and how people would move the chairs to get up and dance. Nicole added that this song addresses sadness in such a natural way, “without any pretence”. She said that the message is that anyone who is sad should appreciate how beautiful life is and that they’re never alone. Here is La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz:

If you want to reach out to Nicole, you can find her on Instagram @Nicole.Biscotti and Twitter @Biscotti.Nicole. You can also read more from and about her through her website