Who I am

Education is one of my favourite things to think, talk, and learn about. I was told that makes me a teacher-geek, which I actually think is pretty cool.  When I lead a workshop for teachers, the greatest compliment I have been given is, “I want to be in your class.”   The worst insult I have ever received from a student was that I was a phoney because people couldn't possibly be that genuinely happy all the time. I am not actually happy all the time, but I really do love teaching, and it shows. My students know it. My colleagues comment on it (mostly in good ways), and being a positive person means every day is full of potential.

I am the mother of 3 incredible daughters (and our dog, Daisy) who keep my husband and I on my toes.  


What I do

I am a classroom teacher in YRDSB, a consultant, a podcaster, a blogger (obviously), as well as a TEDx and keynote speaker. I am on the boards of Learning Forward Ontario and voicEd Radio, and I am the co-founder and executive director of The Mentoree

Why I do this 


Although writing this blog is how I collect my thoughts and reflections on my BOB projects, our work at The Mentoree, and other things that I contemplate in education, I have always loved to write.  Building Outside the Blocks is something I have always done, long before it was the name of my practice. It continues to be a way to channel my creativity for the good of learners. 

Great things were never constructed from comfort zones; try building outside the blocks and see where it takes you.

What I can do for you


I build projects, initiatives and capacity to help learners build skill, autonomy, community and connection.  I work with schools, community organizations and through edu-preneurial endeavours in various formations (one-to-one, small groups, whole community) to amplify voice and propel engagement for learners of all ages.